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Conner Lane Creations, LLC

"Dagda" 1:9 Vanner Stallion LE of 50

"Dagda" 1:9 Vanner Stallion LE of 50

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Limited Edition of 50

1:9 scale Vanner Stallion and the newest edition to my Vanner family.  Dagda, a name meaning a "father-figure" or "King".  The Dagda's origins are rooted in Celtic mythology as the god/druid that oversees fertility, agriculture, strength, and the seasons.

This cantering stallion stands just over 8in from his highest point to the floor and just over 12in long from nose to end of tail.  He is completely supported by his landed 3 legs and was designed with tack friendliness in mind.  He has a well tucked forlock to allow an easy assembly and natural look to halters and bridles.  He also has a generous gap between his mane and belly for ease of saddle placement or harness without sacrificing a beautiful, long, flowing mane.

Dagda will be cast by Red Shed Resins in white resin using a silicon mold and roto-casting technique for a sturdy, hollow cast.  His mold will in progress by Breyerfest weekend and will be ready to cast anywhere from 4-8 weeks.  A master list will be made of all PIF orders as well as time payment orders and buyers will receive a batch number and rough timeframe of when their cast will be shipping.  This batch number will be sent via email shortly after the sale ends mid July.


$350 ppd in the USA and Canada

$365 ppd for all other international countries

TIME PAYMENTS:  Time payments are available.  If you would like that option, simply choose one of the options from the drop down box in this listing according to where the model will be shipped to. 

****If you are an international buyer living outside the USA and Canada but would like your model to be received by someone in USA or Canada, please be sure to enter in the actual shipping address where you want the package sent along with your normal billing information at checkout.  A buyer who uses this option also releases me of any liability for the package once the model is delivered to the 3rd party shipment receiver.  This is agreed upon by the buyer's and seller's receipt of purchase of the model.**** 

You may of course reach out to me if you have any questions in regards to the information above or anything else.

USA & CANADA:  Invoice for payments will be sent after initial deposit is made.

$375 ppd.    $135 inital deposit.   3 month duration

$80/month after initial deposit until paid in full.

International: Invoice for payments will be sent after initial deposit is made.

$390 ppd.    $135 inital deposit.   3 month duration

$85/month after initial deposit until paid in full.

***You are welcome to pay your payments/installments earlier or in full to move you up on the casting and shipping list.


Phew!!  If you made it this far, you are a champ!  There is a special render of Dagda with mirrored Epona in their actual 1:9 scale just for you in the photos above as well as a Zbrush painted render.  Enjoy and as always, thank you for supporting my work!

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